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Friday, July 1, 2016

Friends on Friday - Yay my friend got married!

Hi lovelies!

Recently one of my friends got married! I was super happy that she asked me to do her nails :) She got married in a small ceremony, in a super cute dress, which you can see in the pics. The pictures were all (but one) taken by the wedding photographer, who kindly provided me with the pictures to share.

We had a whole afternoon of testing different polishes and designs, which was a lot of fun!

And finally we decided on this design: subtle stamping over a colour that matched the pink in her dress. This was achieved by first painting with a nudish pink from Catrice and then adding some gold shimmer from HEMA. Then I stamped with M Polish "Snowberry" and some BC plate designs. Finally I added some rhinestones on her ring finger nails.

This friend is the one who got me addicted to nail art, by sharing videos with me. Those videos then got stuck in my mind and forced me to buy more and more nail polish, so that I could recreate these things I saw online. This was a few years before I started blogging (which is the result of another friend's persuasion). Nail art wasn't a big thing back then (in the non-online-community) and neither was it easy to buy nail polish in all the colours of the rainbow (in regular drug stores and warehouses).  I was still very unaware of the whole indie polish community back then, so it was still a challenge to find the right polishes! But I stuck with it and now I'm super grateful to this friend who got me addicted provided me with this beautiful hobby.

Isn't it the cutest dress?

And now for a little romance:

I wish them both a happily ever after <3


  1. I love the dress and think small intimate weddings are the best. You did a great job on her nails.

  2. What a lovely dress and her nails looked gorgeous too!

  3. this is so pretty!

    And yeah, tiny weddings FTW!

  4. This is such a gorgeous wedding mani! So tasteful and pretty.

  5. Beautiful! This is similar to what I'm thinking about doing for my wedding next year!

  6. You did a lovely job - they are beautiful!!

  7. I really love the nails! They're so gorgeous and soft for a wedding. I hope she had a lovely wedding and wishing her and her new partner well <3

  8. Congrats to your friend! :) And super cute nails!


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