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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

BPS Steampunk Stamping!

Hi lovelies!
Today I have a very fun stamping plate from to show you! This is 春の歌-L004.

This plate with steampunk patterns and cute robots is awesome! I used it here over a base of Zombie Claw Polish "Nittany". I stamped with BPS gold stamping polish. It stamps easily and the steampunk part of the plate is rather large, so that every nail can be different. The robots are a little on the big side, so they'll only fit on medium-large nail beds. However, you could just change the orientation of the robots and only show them partially in your design, which I will demonstrate a little later in this post. Let's first look at the robot up close and personal ;)

I did another manicure that did not come out exactly as I hoped; the contrast between the polishes was not big enough, which I could have forseen. I used a base of Picture Polish "Eyre" and stamped with BPS silver stamping polish.

I mixed it up with the robots and on my pinky I used the computer chip part of the plate! If you are a nerd like I am, you might want to pick it up for 2.99 here! And if you buy other, non-discounted items, be sure to use discount coupon code SXDQ10 for a 10% discount!

 What do you think of this plate? Is it your 'thang' or absolutely not?

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  1. I love both the blue rich base and the gear stamped designs, except for the lil robot :D

  2. The robots are so cute! Your first manicure is gorgeous too, I love the contrast between the gold and blue!

  3. There are quite a few polishes from this brand I've been wanting to try. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. Nittany looks so pretty, and I love the stamping!

  5. That blue! I can't. Then you add that stamp and it's even better.

  6. Lovely! I did a steampunk mani recently too, twins!! Haha :)

  7. The blue and gold are so vibrant! I go crazy for that combo.

  8. The plate is super pretty! And I actually love the positioning of the patterns in the silver stamped nail art!


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