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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Incidental Twin "Off NZT"

Hi lovelies!

Remember me posting "On NZT" last year? It was based on this awesome series - Limitless - which unfortunately was cancelled after just one season.. When Brian in on NZT, this is the effect. But when he's off it, he's still pretty awesome! Keep reading to find out more about this polish and the amazing Sale Incidental Twin is having right now!

This polish can be used as a topper, or on it's own - it's opaque in three coats. It applies easily and levels out very well. This silver version of its gold predecessor consists of beautiful silver flakies and incredible holo sparkle. Just look!

Out of the sunlight, the silver flakes create this beautiful metallic effect:

I then created some decals with my new stamping mat, BPS black polish and BP-L053. I used Cirque "Halycon" and "Reflektor", but for some reason they - especially "Reflektor"- are not visible on the nails.. Oh well..

So Sami from Incidental Twin is having a sale! Go check out her Instagram for more details - all full-size polishes are $8!

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