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Saturday, July 15, 2017

LynBDesigns "Sprung"

Hi lovelies!

With my last order from LynBDesigns came a suprise polish: "Sprung" This made my mind go to "spring", which actually sprung a long time ago, but is always good for manicures. Hence this post!

This is the beautiful light sage green crelly "Sprung". It is full of different sorts of matte pastel glitters. This is three coats with Glitter Food and top coat. 

For the stamping decals, I was inspired by this beautiful manicure by Kerry. I used the same plate, BP-L043, white stamping polish from BPS for stamping and blue, pink and pastel yellow stamping polishes from BPS and LynBDesigns "Whimsically Invetive" to colour it in.

They're not as neat as Kerry's, but still cute, right?


  1. I adore what you did with this!!! I know Jennalyn is going to love it too!

  2. This is so pretty!! That base was absolutely perfect for the stamp!

  3. These decals you made are amazing! Great job!

  4. Oh my goodness I love the butterflies!

  5. I loooove this mani! Your stamping compliments the glitter in the base polish wonderfully!

  6. Wow, those flowers are filled and coloured so beautifully. They're like the dream manicure DD:


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