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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Graveyard Groovy

Hello lovelies!

Yay Halloween! I always love halloween manis! Here's what I'm wearing right now, some graveyard groove!

I started with a gradient over a white base, by applying some cuticle protection tape from and sponging on some HEMA neon orange and purple.

I forgot to take the after-pic, but you get the gist! It makes clean-up so much easier. And these come with that perfect BPS set of tweezers, so you can remove them in a jiffy.

I painted a yellow moon with BPS yellow stamping polish, mixed with a little bit of white and black. I then stamped with BPS black and BPX-L007. I love that this mani is easy and still looks complicated! And it's so bright... 

Happy Halloween!!!


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