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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ms. Sparkle "Inside Out" Collection

Hello lovelies!

It's time to meet one of Ms. Sparkle's newest collections, based on the popular Pixar picture "Inside Out"!

Let's start with the most beautiful form of fear I've ever seen:

"Fear" is a manganese violet crelly with aurora pigment that gives the blue shift, holo magic flakies, lilac galaxy glitters and violet holo shreds. It is opaque in two medium coats and applies flawlessly. Shown here with glossy top coat to fully bring out the sparkle!

Next we have "Disgust", which, let me tell you, is anything bĂșt disgusting! 

"Disgust" is a green jelly with ucc flakies, turquoise micoglitters, holo micro flakies and green holo shreds. It is a true sparkle fest, this one! For all you green-lovers out there, this is a must-have. Shown here are two medium coats, that went on like butter, with glossy top coat. 

We continue with "Anger", which as it may not surprise you, instills quite the opposite feeling inside!

This sexy red stunner containts ucc flakies, red and gold micro glitters, red holo shreds and red/gold micro flakies. Shown here are three thin coats with glossy top coat. Application was easy and wearing this, I turned a few heads at work! It's a good self-esteem booster, this one!

I also wanted to show a shade picture, to show those beautiful flakies:

Then there's "Joy", which indeed is the most playful polish in this collection. Simone captured its namesake dead on in this polish!

This lime green jelly holds green/gold micro flakies, lime green holo hexes, neon blue and metallic blue hexes and a bunch of holo micro flakies. This is three thin coats. Application is slightly more difficult, because of the big hexes, but nothing one can't handle. It does require an extra coat of Glitter Food, before topping it with SV.

Last, but certainly not least, there's "Sadness', which again conjures up quite the opposite in me!

Sadness is a blue polish with a twist; a light crelly with a pearly swirl, ucc flakies, baby blue micro shreds and blue galaxy holo glitters. It makes you look twice! This is two medium coats (easy application) with glossy top coat.

This collection brought only one emotion to the surface: joy! It's available now on Simone's Etsy and through Beautometry. All polishes are 10-free (no formaldehyde resin • no triphenyl phosphate • no trimethyl pentanyl • no phthalates • no xylene • no DBP • no toluene • no formaldehyde • no camphor • no parabens).

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  1. "Disgust" is my absolute favourite!

  2. Your swatches are so pretty <3

  3. I still haven't seen this movie - but all of these are so beautifully done!

  4. This entire collection is absolutely stunning!! I thought I was going to be able to pick a favorite, but I love them all haha

  5. Such a cute theme for a collection! My favourites are Joy and Disgust


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