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Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Digit-al Dozen's Indie Love Week - Incidental Twin & Lina

Hello lovelies!

Last day of ultimate indie love today! I'm ending the week with negative space, an Incidental Twin untried (last one I had!) and more of Lina's Nail Art Supplies stamping.

I first applied base coat and then stamped with Lina's "Make Your Mark" 02 an BPS black. I sealed it in with fast-drying top coat and then applied some striping tape and painted the top and bottom half of my nails with Incidental Twin "Hubble Deep Field".  I sealed it all in with NPB Glitter Food and more SV.

That's it lovelies! Now for the last time this month I'm going to browse the other ladies' manicures and I encourage you to do the same (links below)!


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