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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Digit-al Dozen Recreates First Blog Posts - Hoot Hoot!

Hello lovelies!

I think I did not even blog yet, when I did this mani for my sister, but I posted it later in my 'Golden Oldies' genre. I always wanted to do it on myself, but never got around to do it, so this was a perfect excuse!

This mani was inspired by the one I did on my sister's nails, which was inspired by this mani from Let Them Have Polish, which in turn was inspired by Chalkboard Nails', which was inspired by another tutorial, so yeah! Pretty popular! The original blog does not even exist anymore, imagine that!

I updated the mani a bit,  by doing triangles instead of dots and by mattifying it, but the principle is the same. Take different colours, each in two shades and go nuts. I used: Catrice "Yellow Sub-Mandarine" and "Vanilla Love" for the yellow, HEMA "Powerful Purple" and Essie "Sittin' Pretty" for the purple, Adopt "Chlorophylle" and Etos #115 for the green, Essence "Candy Crush" and Madam Glam "You're a Beauty" for the pink. I used tip guides to create the half moons, a detail brush for the triangles and a dotting tool for the eyes.

I kind of don't want to take this off, but I still have two manis to do for this week, so alas. I think I'm going to find a friend victim for some owl accent nails soon, though!

It's been so fun to read the other ladies' posts and see how they have improved over the years, I recommend you take a look at the links below!


  1. Yes, your current version shows a little more finesse, but wow, I'm impressed at how gorgeous the original was! I'd have been very proud to wear those. :)

  2. These lil owls are adorable! Love this then and now vibe this week! Wish I was joining y'all!

  3. This mani is so freaking adorable! I love the owls!

  4. This is so cute! I can see what you'd want to do it on yourself.

  5. Gah, these are so stinking cute!! I think I actually remember seeing Let Them Have Polish back in the day!


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