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Monday, October 8, 2018

Ms. Sparkle Fall Collection 2018 - The Multichromes

Hello lovelies!

Time for part two of Ms. Sparkle's Fall collection. I showed you The Brights yesterday and today I have The Multichromes! Be aware, there's a gazillion pictures in this post.

This, my dears, is "Raven", a holo multichrome shifting between dark green to violet/lilac and even gold, with aurora pigment, ucc flakies and holo micro flakies. It is opaque in two easy coats and shown here with top coat for maximum shine. Take a look at all the different angles!

Gosh, it's pretty! I wish I had time to do nail art with this one...

Next up is "Bramble":

"Bramble" is a holo multichrome shifting from purple to gold, with ucc flakies, iridescent flakies and holo micro flakies. Again opaque in two easy coats, this is a must-have for every purple-polish-lover! Have a look at the different angles and the difference between sunlight and shade below.

I stamped this with a blue duochrome stamping polish from BPS. Not sure yet what I think of this combo. What do you think?

Last, but certainly not least, there's "Aurelia":

"Aurelia" is a holo multichrome. It has a glowing green shimmer in it made possible by the aurora pigments and iridescent flakies. You will also find red/bronze/copper ucc flakies. It's an incredibly beautiful fall polish, opaque in two coats.

I stamped this using BPS black stamping polish and SPB-26 from Aliexpress. The black stamping really optically enhances the multichrome properties and the multichrome in turn makes the stamping more magical.

Ms. Sparkle's Fall 2018 Collection is available for pre-order in her shop now. I recommend you take a look! And if you haven't yet seen The Brights, here they are.

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