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Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Digit-al Dozen does Marble - Saran Wrap Marble

Hi lovelies!

I'm already a day behind, but here's my second mani for this week's marble challenge - a saran wrap marble.

Saran wrap marbling was the first kind of marble I ever did, I think, although I believe I once did do a water marble during pre-blog times. For this mani I used Ms. Sparkle "Awesome Pink Ladies" and Essence "The One and Only". I stamped using BPS black and BP-L063, although I wish I hadn't, I kinda messed up the nice marble. But oh well!

The other ladies manis are looking great again, so have a look in the links below!


  1. Beautiful marble saran wrap technique! And you can't mess up a marble with stamping if it's's impossible! Meow! :)

  2. that base is so fun! I like it a lot!

  3. The base turned out very pretty and the stamping looks super cute.

  4. So cute! I love your Saran marble base!!

  5. Your marble looks so perfect! I almost did one of these this week, but wound up doing something else :)

  6. I love Saran Wrap manis. They are fun and easy!


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