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Friday, February 8, 2019

Ms. Sparkle's Anti-Valentine Collection 2019

Hello lovelies!

Check out this year's Anti-Valentine Collection by Ms. Sparkle! It's glitter bomb upon glitter bomb and a wonderful sparkle fest.

All photo's were taken in my light box and are already super sparkly, so only imagine the way these would look in sunlight! 
Let's have a look at "99 Problems":

This purple pretty consists of all kinds of tiny (galaxy) micro glitters and violet micro holo flakies in clear base. It applies easily and is opaque in two medium coats. It is really very pretty. 

Next up is "No Scrubs" *TLC playing in my head*:

A rose gold/orange holo bomb with (galaxy) micro glitters and gold micro holo flakies in clear base, this is so pretty, you guys! Again two medium coats, very impressively easy application. I love this one.

"Dancing on my Own" *Whoohoo!*:

This one I can only describe as *PRINCESS* and I love it. A pink holo bomb with (galaxy) micro glitters and micro holo flakies in clear base, this one is also opaque in two easily applicable medium coats. If I had a daughter, I'd buy this for her and play princess party. For sure.

And last, but certainly not least is the fiery "Single Ladies" *Oh ooh oh ooh oh oh-oh-oh-ohh*:

Gaaahhhh isn't this drool-worthy?! This one was why I almost started begging Simone to send me these for swatching, but lucky me, she had already decided to do so! Described as a fuchsia holo bomb with (galaxy) micro glitters and micro holo flakies in clear base, this one again is opaque in merely two medium coats. It's so bright, I love it! I had to go to a very annoying meeting at work, but wearing this made it so much better. I probably spent half the meeting calming myself down looking at my nails. I can thus proclaim that this particular holo bomb is therapeutic. 

I also did a little nail art, thinking of how *diamonds are a girl's best friend*:

I used vinyls that I bought a long time ago from Vinyl Quickies, "Dancing on my Own", Essence "Black is Back" and a home made black jelly that I created using top coat and the aforementioned black polish. 

Ms. Sparkle's Anti-Valentine Collection is available for pre-order here and be sure to follow Simone on social media to be updated on future collections!

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