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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Bubbly Flowers

Hello lovelies!

I purchased "Bubbles" from Ms. Sparkle, because I am a total sucker for yellow nail polish and I decided to freehand some contrasting flowers over it.

I'm always looking for the perfect yellow holo and this one is it! A yellow jelly with scatter holo, it is the perfect base for nail art. I freehanded these flowers using Essence "Creating Memories" (purple) and "Kiss the Freaky Frog" (teal). It made for a slightly strange but very fun combo.

Now this is a wonderful scatter holo, but does anyone know where to find a good yellow linear holo?

Do you like this slightly strange combination of shades?


  1. That yellow is so pretty! Looks like a pattern you'd seen on a trendy blouse.

  2. Yellows can be so hit or miss for me but I am really drawn to this one! And the flowers ended up working perfectly with the base!


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