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Friday, November 1, 2019

Ms. Sparkle Care Bears Collection

These products were sent to me for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Hello lovelies!

[Warning - picture heavy post!]
I have the entire Care Bears collection from Ms. Sparkle for you today! This incredibly cute collection consists of ten white glitter crellies, inspired by ten individual Care Bears. I am really excited about this, because I used to really love the cartoon. I used to dream I could go up into the clouds and live with them and their magic and help people like they did. This was before I fell in love with Peter Pan, of course, and dreamt I lived in Neverland and could fly.

Let's start with the Birthday Bear!

'Everyday's A Birthday To Me/Birthday Bear' is a white based crelly with different sized  and shaped glitters in the colours orange, dark pink, red, pink, blue and turquoise. There are bar glitters in here and I was afraid of them at first (they usually have a tendency to stick up and out), but they did not give me any problems at all. I also love the little hearts.

And matte:

Next up is Good Luck Bear:

'Lucky For You, I'm Here/Good Luck Bear' is a white based crelly with different sized and shaped green glitters. There are two types of four-leaved clover glitters in here, so cool! I also adore the big holo circles.

And matte:

And then there's Friend Bear:

'Have I Got A Friend For You - Me/Friend Bear' is a white crelly with different sized and coloured copper, yellow, green, orange rose glitters. It has yellow daisies and the green stems, pairing beautifully with those copper squares!

Continuing with Grumpy Bear:

'I'm Not Mad, I'm Grumpy/Grumpy Bear' is a white crelly with different sized blue glitters and some adorable red little hearts. The big holo circles are brilliant and  I love those holo lightning bolts!


Make way for Funshine Bear!

'The Fun Starts Here/Funshine Bear' is a white crelly with different sized light yellow, gold and bright yellow hexes, circles and bars, both matte and holo. And then there are those surprise smileys! Super fun!

And here's Tenderheart Bear:

'Nobody Cares Like A Bear/Tenderheart Bear' is a white crelly with different sized copper, brown, bronze, chocolate, red, rose and copper glitters in various shapes, including pretty red hearts. Somehow this looks very yummy to me and kinda reminds me of cookies!

And there's Wish Bear!

'Your Wish Is My Wish/Wish Bear' is a white crelly with different sized turquoise, aqua, yellow and blue glitters, including big holo circles and hearts and large yellow stars. Very dreamy!

Now for Cheer Bear, one of my favourites in this collection:

'When In Doubt, SMILE!/Cheer Bear' is a white crelly with different sized and coloured glitters, including big pink holo circles, magenta hearts and blue little hexes. This combination of glitters is so pretty!

...and Bedtime Bear

'Sleep Is What I Do Best!/Bedtime Bear' is a white crelly with different sized sky blue, aqua, blue, yellow and neon yellow glitters in various shapers, including stars, moons,  hearts and big circles. I especially adore those moons!

And last, but not least, a Care Bear that is dear to me: Love-a-Lot Bear. I have one of those special balloons in the shape of a heart with Love-a-Lot Bear on it and I've had it since I was about five years old! It has been in my bedroom all this time and it's still at my parents, in my bedroom, now.

'Love Will Find A Way, And If It Doesn't, I Will/Love-A-Lot Bear' is a white crelly with different sized pink, rose, red and yellow glitters in various shapes, including big hearts, little hearts and big squares. Five-year-old me (who is still in there, somewhere) is swooning!

All swatches here are shown in 2-3 thin coats over a peel-off base coat, topped with copious amounts of glitter food (those big glitters are hella hungry!) and glossy and matte top coat. Fishing for the glitters is not needed, except a little bit for the smileys in Funshine Bear, due to them being a little bit heavier. I'm very impressed by the ease with which the polishes apply and I recommend them to every crelly lover out there!

The polishes are available here and are on sale right now, so be sure to grab them soon!

Which one of these is your favourite? And do you prefer them glossy or matte?

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  1. I haven’t seen glitters like this in a long time but they are so fun! The glitter shapes are cool!


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