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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Ms. Sparkle's Ugly Christmas Sweater Collection

Hi lovelies!

So here's a fun collection for you, and since it's Cyber Monday, it's available at a discount! The Ugly Christmas Sweater Collection, for when you want to match your nails to your outfit properly on Christmas morning:

This collection consists of four glitter jellies. They have some super chunky glitters, so Ms. Sparkle will provide you with a sachet of placement glitters. This is awesome, because it provides endless possibilities! You can either choose: 
1. not to use them, for a more simple look
2. sandwich them in between layers, or
3. place them on top of your manicure for them to pop!

I will show you all three possibilities. 

For Sweater or Worse

I chose to sandwich the big and small snowflakes in this polish. This red jelly is opaque in two medium layers. I applied one layer, then placed some snowflakes and applied another layer on top. Because chunky glitters get hungry, I applied NPB Glitter Food over them to smooth out my manicure. I then finished it with Seche Vite.

I also applied some matte top coat for the ultimate sweater look!

I have known Sweater

This green jelly contains dots and snowflakes and comes with snowflake and holo Christmas tree placement glitters. How unique! I sandwiched them here as well. Shown are two coats, glitter food and glossy top coat.

And of course matte:

This polish also works really well without the placement glitters. If you have small nails, you can just leave out the trees and only use them on an accent nail or your bigger thumbs, for example. Here's the polish without any glitter placement (two coats plus glitter food and top coat) in some rare winter sunlight:

Sweater Late than Never

This gorgeous purple jelly with black shreds and little snowflakes comes with big snowflakes and snowmen placement glitters! I sandwiched them again between the first and second coat. How cute are those snowmen?! 

We have seen Sweater Days

With this polish I decided to place the placement glitters on top of two coats of polish. As you can see, this blue jelly contains white stars and shreds. I put two coats and then placed the bows and candy canes on top. I sealed it in with glitter food and glossy top coat. This instant nail art made me so happy! 

The collection is available now, along with many more polishes with discounts ranging from 15-40% in Ms. Sparkle's Etsy!

Which one is your favourite?


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