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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gradient and glitter goodness

Hey hey!

Quick post;
So, on my right hand, I started out with the same ombre as for the butterfly, but didn't feel like trying to paint with my left hand, so I just did an ombre, adding some extra NYC "Revolving Red" on the tips (as in the previous post, it already had Catrice "Sing: Oh, Champs-Élysées" as a base, and then sponged on Essence "What do u think?" and "Fame Fatal", mixed with a little pink polish). Then I added Essence "It's just a little crush" over it, which gave it a frosty finish. The next day, I had been cleaning, so it had chipped. I decided to tape it with a glitter polish from Max:

That's it! 
Soon you will learn from the Lieutenant how to make crazy braids in your hair :)


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