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Thursday, June 20, 2013

NOTD - Studs on Planet Tokyo

Hey lovelies!

Quick NOTD, it's a busy busy day! The title of this post is very promising.. Unfortunately the only studs I found on Planet Tokyo, were on my nails. I will ask The Lieutenant for her experience with studs in Tokyo. Who knows, there might be other than thos in my mani ;) 

I am wearing Catrice "Planet Tokyo" from the Neo Geisha collection (I picked up this pretty green for only one euro last week!) and studs from Action's! I did this mani at night, and the next morning, viewing my hands in daylight, I discovered that I had mixed up the gold and bronze studs, oops! Oh well, it's still nice ;)

That's it lovelies! If you read this blog with google reader, please be sure to follow via bloglovin', as google reader will be gone in a couple of days! Eek!


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