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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Swatch-It Sunday: Catrice "Petrolpolitan" and "Earnie & Birdy"


Long time no blog, eh? Sorry about that! Have been very busy with our studies, me and the Lieutenant. But here are some Swatches from the new Catrice colours:



Application was okay, not perfect, but it all evened out and became opaque after two coats, so it was good. I love the glass flecks in this one! Now onto Earnie & Birdy:

Daylight (unfortunately there was no sun :( ):

Application was kind of horrible. The polish is too gloopy and does not even out at all. Three coats and still not fully opaque; I was disappointed. It looked so amazing in the bottle! Summer yellow with blue and red glass flecks?! Amazing concept! Try again, Catrice, and it will be amazing. I mean, look at the bottle!

So overall I am in love with the colours, but disappointed by the quality. I hope they will be renewed soon!

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  1. I hate seeing such wonderful colors with bad quality! It makes my heart hurt! :(


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