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Friday, July 12, 2013

Rock Chick Love


Last weekend, me and my sis did some hair dye shopping, and ran into a nail polish sale! I purchased these goodies:

They were half off! I needed some nail food, so I bought the Essie "nourish me". Sounds good. And Essie "blanc", good white polish is hard to find! Herome WIC "Sapporo", from the Mystic Japan collection was on my wish list for a while. And a backup L'Oreal Confetti and Max Factor "Fantasy Fire", you know, in case I run out (and those bottles are so ridiculously tiny, I'm already half-way my confetti!)

Anyways, my sister bought Essie "lovie dovie", a sweet as sugar pink polish, gorgeous. She immediately put it on her nails. She was wearing a rock chick outfit, so I decided to make her mani rock! I used some black rhinestones and black caviar and a dotting tool for this:

Hope you like it!


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