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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Swatch-It Sunday: Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 105

Hello pretties!

Today I have Golden Rose Jolly Jewels no. 105 for you. It is a lilac jelly with small purple hexes and large green hexes. It requires dabbing and placing and you will do good to get as much glitter on your nails in the first coat. But it dries really fast, so it is ok. First I will show you 2 coats alone:

Direct evening sunlight:



As you can see, the weather is finally gorgeous here! So lucky! I was ill these past days, but the sun got me through it. And finally, after sporting this mani for 4 days (which was not so bad ;) ), I felt well enough to do my nails again :D 

I have also tried out layering this polish, a while back. This is one coat over Essence "Very Berry":

Daylight with a hint of sun:

I was wearing a purple sweater, so I thought of Curly Polish's hand positions (where I first saw this) and I grabbed my sweater (though she grabs her sleeves, but mine were not long enough):

For some reason I might like this better! It seems a bit more neat.. Well, that is just easier, so I am ok with that! I wonder what it looks like over black and red and...

I bought it here.



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