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Monday, November 18, 2013

Another Delushie! Time To Kill... for the 200th post!

Hi lovelies!

Another delushie  of the Slice of Life collection from THIS maker is here <3 It's absolutely fabulously droolworthy and I don't think there's any girl or woman that would not want this. It's absolutely everything a nail polish should be. So it is perfect to celebrate the 200th post :D

It's a plum jelly base with red, yellow pink, and orange glitters in circles, squares, and hexagons. This is 3 coats:
Be ready to be photobombed with more delushiousness after the break! >>


Formula is perfect, 3 thin coats do the trick. Packed with glitters, it gives great coverage. And stare you want down at your nails indefinitely, I promise. For the photos I had to go out to the park, to catch the sunlight (lots of buildings here). But it was worth it.

My gosh Adrianna, what did you do!? How can I concentrate on graduating with distraction right at my fingertips?! I've already gotten multiple compliments. Amazing job!

Buy it here :-)



  1. aww you are too sweet! Honoured that you decided to celebrate your 200th post with a Delushie! YAY! Congrats <3 I hope it doesn't distract too much ;) but least you know Delush always has you covered to be extra sparkly lol

  2. This is really beautiful and you captured the depth really nice :)


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