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Sunday, November 24, 2013

SiS: Rimmel Space Dust "Aurora" & "Moon Walking"

Hello lovelies!!

Rimmel recently added 5 beauties to their collection, the "Space Dust"s. Anything that is named after something extraterrestrial, I need to own, so when my local drugstore had a 2 for 1 discount, I purchased these pretties. Here are the two I was able to acquire first (the other 3 had already sold out, but I was able to snatch them just before closing time on the last day of the discount, YEAH!). First up is Moon Walking:

As you can see it has a textured finish, as if you dipped your nails in tiny little diamonds. This is two coats over a (completely dry) base coat. I love it, it makes my nails look longer! What would one call the colour? I don't know.. A greyish sort of lavender-blue?

Next up is Aurora, which is just like Moon Walking, but champagne-coloured. This is a good colour for just anybody, I would say! It is perfect for the holidays, for when one wants to be classy and chique and glamorous, without it standing out to much. It would compliment any outfit, for sure. Yes it is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous polishes I own of this kind.  As if angles pooped on my nails ;-)

This is two coats, with base coat, which was also completely dry when I applied the Space Dust. I find that that helps with these kinds of polishes, when it comes to drying. Too bad I had no sunlight when photographing (or daylight, for that matter). 

With flash:
Artificial light:

I can't wait to try out the other 3!

Next day there was Sunlight! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera, but these phone pics are fine...



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