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Monday, January 20, 2014

ManiMonday - Foxy Paws "Let Love Be Love" Vday mani

Hello lovelies!

To all these lovely fellow lacqueristas who shared my page, THANK YOU! And to those who liked my page, THANK YOU! I'm nearing 600 likes! It is just fantastic, I'm soooo happy! Thank you thank you thank you!

Now this mani I wore to a party at which that guy from the bowling would also be present. So it needed to be pretty, even though I knew he wouldn't even notice, of course. One does these things for oneself. Even though I had nothing but nubs, they had to be prettified. So it became Foxy Paws "Let Love Be Love", with a rose accent nail. 

Lighting was not optimal, due to the weather... But you can see the depth:

This is two coats, glitter food and top coat. Let Love Be Love is a plum jelly with purple shimmer and red glitter in various sizes and shapes. A very appealing combination, don't you think? It looks fancy on the nails and has a romantic vibe. Perfect for Vday! Foxy Paws is a Danish indie from Foxy Fingertips.

Th rose I freehanded on a base of Essence "Prom Berry" with Essence "Me & My Lover". I saw the design on IG @pinkandpolishednails. Loooove! 

Yes, I like it :D


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