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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Essence Nail Care Pen

Hi lovelies!

Today I want to show you a super budget-proof nail care solution, that also happens to be very easy to use! It is Essence's Nail Care Pen:
The pen contains vitamin A & E, ginko extract, jojoba, almond and avocado oil that is all easily applied by just "drawing" with it on the nails and cuticles. I also put some underneath my nail tips. 

It hydrates the cuticles and nails and where my nails looked dry and brittle before, after using this and letting it soak in for an hour, they started to look  happy again. I just wiped it off after that and went on with the day. Now, at the end of it, my nails still look healthy and I have been washing my hands a lot.

Here, an hour after application, one can see that my cuticles have absorbed a lot and the youngest part of my nail bed has soaked up the goodness as well:

And because of the easy, no-spill application, it is very appropriate for traveling, using at work (I do that a lot), or just a quick "oh gosh look at my cuticles, I must hydrate them!"-touch-up. Oh and it smells nice. Not too much, just a little, which is excellent, in my opinion (esp. for using at work; nobody will notice!).

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