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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Swatch: Emily de Molly "Bo Peep"

Hello lovelies!

To start the new year off properly, I thought I'd start with a beautifully bright indie polish: Bo Peep. One of the happiest polishes ever:

 And because one is just not enough with such prettiness:

This is two coats with top coat, except the ring finger, which is three coats, just for comparison. When applied carefully, two coats is enough :) The polish consists of a blueish green creme base with bright pink hexes, little purple hexes and lemon circles. Such a wonderfully cheerful colour combination! I did not have any problems with the polish; just a wee bit o' fishin' an' placin'. No worries whatsoever. And it lasts forever on my nails; as I'm writing this, it's been on for three days, no chipping, which for me is LONG!
More! In a different light of sun, of which one does not realize on a daily basis, can take many a shade of bright:

In case you missed it, here was my first Emily de Molly ever: Cosmic Forces!

You can buy this pretty here and here. Or internationally through for example llarowe

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  1. OMG! *flails* Love those big ol' circle glitters!!! ^_^ I'm sure they're a pain to remove, but dang they look cool.


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