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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Mainstream Polish Favourites!

Hello lovelies! 

I thought, let's round up this year with my favourite mainstream nail polishes! I'll give you a top ten and I'll start with 10, a glitter topper but perfectly-opaque-in-two-coats polish from Essence, called "Only Purple Matters":

In ninth place, I put HEMA's Glitter Pink because it was nice and different for a change:

Number 8 is a wonderful bright green from Catrice, "I'm Not A Greenager", which is perfect for nail art and as a base for glitter:

Number 7 is a pretty from Rimmel, and also a perfect base for nail art. It's "Out of the Blue":

Number 6 is also a surprisingly pretty budget-proof blue polish from Paris Memories, no. 289:

Number 5. W7 Lava Flow:

In fourth place is Maybelline Brocades "Knitted Gold", my favourite of the bunch:

Now we have landed in the top 3! This is getting difficult, what will be my 2013 favourite?
3rd place is for... Golden Rose 109, a Candy Explosion!

2nd place is for... my first ever China Glaze: It's a Trap-eze!
And... drumrolllllllllllllllllllll........

First place goes to RIMMEL SPACE DUST! Yes, all of them. I cannot choose, it's too hard! They are one by one gorgeous, and I was very much surprised by the quality of this polish. The original posts are:

Aurora & Moon Walking
Luna Love
Shooting Star
and Total Eclipse

So there you go! Happy New Year's Eve, lovelies! See you next year!

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