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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Red Coat Tuesday

Hello lovelies!

Today I join Color Me So Crazy for Red Coat Tuesday, as an hommage to the well-known television series "Pretty Little Liars" :D Oh how I love that show! And not only because of the entertainment, which is amazing, but also for the fashion. Especially Aria's.. love it.

My nails for this occasion sport Claire's Leather Look Nail Polish in a sort of metallic red. My Lieutenant got it for me :D It's super sexy!

This is two coats over basecoat. Application is easy, and you can even easily get away with one coat, colourwise! The texture effect is just better with two coats.

So sexy :D I did some nail art as well, will post that tomorrow!

Did you enter the giveaway already?


  1. Ooooooh Love it!! It looks orangey, but still. Way to go Claires!

    1. Yes I know! It's red with a golden shimmer, that's why ;)
      I just went to Claire's, they renewed their nail polish line, but this one's still in it! Also a burgundy and a blue one, the latter of which also looks very interesting!


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