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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Twinsie Thursday: Valentine's Day Graffiti

Hello lovelies!

Oh I'm slow, Samantha is faster than me! Sorry guys, I was eating dinner ;) So happy Samantha has electricity again! Being cooped up inside without power is dreadful. So without further ado, her post!

Hello Lacquer Lovers!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so this Twinsie Thursday's theme is Valentine's Day Graffiti. I'll be honest, this almost didn't happen, as I haven't had power for 24 hours, but the day was saved by a generator, so here we are! :)

I started off with one coat of Zoya Livingston topped with the brick pattern from the W112 (Winstonia) plate. I used Zoya Pepper for the stamp. My camera didn't pick it up, but trust me, it's there! I then took some random Color Clubs (they don't have names, boo!) with nail art brushes and drew hearts and wrote 'love'. I topped it all off with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust, along with top coat. 

Make sure to stop by Lothwen's post! She has way more experience in this department then me, so her nail art actually has a story behind it! Also, make sure to check back with her tomorrow, as she is announcing her giveaway! <3

Happy Valentine's Day!

Don't you love it? It's really sweet and lovely and look at that 'LOVE', I thought it was stamped on, SO NEAT! Yep, it cheers me up :D <3

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