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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Friends on Friday - Holo & Stamps

Hello lovelies!

I did some more friends' nails and this time I used holo nail polish and creme stamping! Check it out:

For this mani I used Joss "Alternate Dimension" and BP-05. I really love the outcome, it's so flashy, but still sweet and spring-y :)

For the next manicure I used LynBDesigns "From Night To Day" and QA-66. I love how stamping also works so well on short nails!

Did you ever try stamping on your friends?


  1. I especially love the second look, the graphic image pairs nicely with the color you used.

  2. So pretty! Love the purple and black together. ^_^

  3. Both of these are pretty but I love the second one!

  4. I love how holos look when stamped over! These look beautiful!

  5. I love how the holo puts some fire behind the stamping, especially with the Joss polish!


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