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Monday, February 8, 2016

Lady Queen Abstract Water Decals

Hello lovelies!

Today I have some full nail wrapping water decals from Lady Queen for you. I chose number 1575, because I fell in love with the colour/design combo!

I applied them over a white base, because they are not opaque. In order to be able to fully appreciate the colours, I recommend using a white base for these types of decals. The application of the decals works like it always does: cut out a piece, soak it in luke-warm water for 30 seconds and then slide it off the back paper. These decals were however more tricky than usual, because they are significantly thicker than the ones I was used to. This has the adventage that they will not tear, break or stretch easily, but it also makes them much harder to apply to the nails. That's why you can see some flaws, because my nails are curved and the decals are not.

Despite that, I loved the outcome, I just think the design itself is so cool!

If you're interested in these (and many more) decals, you'll find them here and with discount coupon code ESAX15, you'll get a 15% discount at checkout!

Would you wear these decals?

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  1. These are too cool! I love the faint-70s vibe I get from this mani.

  2. Too bad they weren't as easy to work with, but the design is so funky and fun!

  3. These have a really cool pattern!

  4. I really like these designs. While I can see the disadvantageous to working with a thicker slide, I think for someone like me with a smaller nail bed like me, it might work out.

  5. These look really cool! I love that little stripe of gold glitter!

  6. That doesn't even look like a decal! Wow!

  7. You completely fooled me here! I thought you were so patient to draw all those lines haha :) I love the look of these decals!

  8. The colors and pattern is great. I get turned off immediately knowing they are wraps though.

  9. I've never used this kind of decals, they seem so intriguing! And I know for sure I would do a real mess XD full-nail thingies aren't really my thing...
    This design is very pretty and bright, I like it!


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