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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

#RedCoatTuesday with Madam Glam & M Polish

Hi lovelies!

Happy #RedCoatTuesday! Tonight another awesome episode of Pretty Little Liars will air and in celebration of that happy occasion we wrap ourselves in red!

I did this using two indie polishes, the first of which is Madam Glam "Another Glass":

How gorgeous is that! This is clear even in my lightbox pictures lol ;) It's a freaking one-coater too! Neat!
Then I stamped with M Polish "Bells", from the incredible winter collection. It's a super opaque gold stamping polish with scatter holo (hence I also had to take flash pics). Here's a flash/no-flash comparison:

I have to compliment both indie makers on their excellent customer service. Madam Glam kindly sent the package without mentioning its contents so I didn't have to pay 25 bucks in fees. And M Polish immediately replaced a broken bottle, with no additional charge. So super sweet! <3

The stamping plate is BP-L015. I am so super in love with this plate, lol! I took too many pictures, so I'm just going to leave them here.

Enjoy the next episode, lovelies! I'm going to miss this show so much once it goes off the air! But, according to Wikipedia, there's a possibility of an eighth season or a television movie, so fingers crossed!

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  1. Another Glass is one of my fav shades of red!

  2. I'm loving the gold and red combo.

  3. Wow, these are stunning!! I love that red base!!

  4. That base color is gorgeous and I love the design you added!

  5. Glad to see that you have been enjoying Pretty Little Liars! I don't watch the show, although I have seen a few random episodes here and there. Oh, and the gold red combination is deeply gorgeous :3

  6. I love how the gold looks over the red base! It's so warm!

  7. I was thinking about using this polish this week because I just love the vampy look to it!

  8. Uhm, this is AMAZING! Love the combination!


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