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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

BPS 春の歌-09 and Compact Clear Jelly Stamper

Hello lovelies!

I have two product reviews today - a stamping plate and a stamper from! The stamping plate, 春の歌 -09 (Song of Spring) has a few awesome plaid designs and the stamper is a compact clear jelly stamper, that comes with two little scrapers:

I was super excited about this stamper, because I ofter take my nail stuff places to do other people's nails and having a stamper that is compact and with a cap, would certainly make transporting it much easier! The scrapers look decent as well, but unfortunately they are not. They're too sturdy, so I highly recommend these BPS scrapers, that are my all-time favourite, they're super straight and bendy and make all the difference. Now onto the stamper:

For my first manicure I assumed the stamper to be relatively squishy and hence used the 'just press down technique'. This resulted in the above pick-up result. It worked OK for BPS polishes, but for non-cremes, like M Polish "Fresh Perspective" it did not:

This is two coats of Rimmel "Lose your Lingerie" with BPS white stamping polish first and the M Polish over that. The idea was nice, but the execution was sub-obtimal.

So for the next manicure I decided to treat the stamper as a sturdy non-squishy one and rolled it over the plate to pick up the image. This worked much better:

I used 1 coat of this amazing polish I got in Poland, Bell Secretale no. 8, a gorgeous deep blurple, as my base and stamped with BPS silver stamping polish. I sealed it in with SV and later matted it with Etos matte top coat.

I wanted another go at the double stamping and I wanted to test Bell's Blurple stamping capacity, so I created the following:

I started with a base of W7 "Pistachio" and stamped with Ya Qin An mint stamping polish, also from BPS, which stamps wonderfully well. I then double stamped it with the Bell's Blurple and sealed it in with SV.

Now if you like this stamping plate, go here and if you want the compact stamper, go here! And be sure to take off 10% of non-discounted items with discount code SXDQ10!

Which of the manis is your fave? Would you pick up this plate? And the stamper?


  1. The double stamping to make the plaid was such a great idea. I love the colors you chose for that mani.

  2. Wow. Great stampings!
    I just ordered a stamper and two plates from BPS. It'll be my first time stamping so I hope it'll work :D

  3. I need more stampers like I need a hole in my head...and yet...

  4. How do your nails always look so perfect?! Ugh, these manicures are all beautiful!

  5. I've also noticed these can be a bit touchy, with some polishes working better pressed down and others rolled.

  6. I absolutely love the second mani you did!
    I always still roll my stamper when picking up - I think it's a habit I held onto from before I had a squishy :)

  7. That third mani with the double stamping is awesome! I am 99% sure i have this plate from BPS, I hauled a large amount of plates from them earlier this year!

  8. I like the compact stamper! I'm still really struggling with stamping and need a lot of help

  9. Stamping never, ever works for me. I have bought every kind out there.


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