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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Many Merry Manis

Hello lovelies!

When holiday season is in full swing, I need to do as many of my friends' and family's nails as possible. So I did!

I did my sister's nails with a gold polish that was gifted to me by my Colombian friend and her mother. The brand is called Wendy. I applied two coats and sealed them in with top coat. Then I stamped with BPS white stamping polish and BPX-L008.

This is the mani I did for my other sister a little while ago, for her graduation. I was wearing my sweater weather mani and did her nails with the same shades, but different images. These are our hands:

My other other sister with her crooked pinky requested the sexy snowflake manicure, so I recreated it on her nails, but with BPX-L008 instead of BP-001. 

Come Christmas time, my sister's sweater weather nails had faded and it was time for a new manicure, so I used a beautiful green polish with a blue shimmer from Wendy (also gifted to my by my Columbian friends). I stamped with BPS bright green stamping polish and sealed it in with top coat. Look at the little deer in the forest!

My aunt came to visit, so I did her nails as well. I used Madam Glam "My BF Loves It" and M Polish "Star Flower" to stamp. The image is from the new stamping plate BP-L049.

On Christmas eve, I visited my Colombian friend and her family - mother, aunt and uncle. Her mother, who brought me the beautiful Wendy Polishes, also wanted the sexy snowflake manicure, with some deer on the thumbs. These photos were taken by them and sent to me via WhatsApp.

I gave my friend's aunt a blue sweater design, using LynBDesigns "Why Meddle?", BPS light blue stamping polish and BPX-L008.

My friend's uncle did not want to be left behind in the mani madness and requested a bell and a snowman. So cool!

After all this, it was time for my own nails! I decided to wear one of my new Colombian polishes with some simple Christmas stamping. I created a skittlette with some of the fun images. I have never used one plate so many times in such a short time span, lol! It's a winner ;)

That sums up the nail art part of my holidays, lovelies! Which of these is your favourite?


  1. They are all beautiful, can't pick just one.

  2. I like how many nails you did! You're so good to all your friends and now they all have some really nice nails too. Love all the winter themes :3

  3. These look so cool, and what fun to do everyone's nails!


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