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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ms. Sparkle December Duo

Hi lovelies!

It's been December for a while, but both me and Ms. Sparkle have been busy/sick/busy/sick a lot, so the duo got a bit delayed. However, it's still December, so it still counts! 

And how! Ms. Sparkle finishes the year with a bang! Let's have a closer look:

Sagittarius is a wonderful multichrome polish, that is opaque in three thin coats (or one over black, I tested, it has the same effect).  It applies easily and dries fast. I sealed it in with SV for maximum shine! But... wait for it... and let the sun shine!

It has a scatter holo effect that is just magical! It completely changes the polish in sunlight. And when the light hits it right, it has a golden glow...

Turquoise is a blue leaning turquoise jelly with lots of different sized hexes. This is 3 coats with NPB Glitter Food and SV. The sheerness of the jelly allows for maximum depth, as visible in the macro. It's like a magical ocean!

Of course this had to be matted:

Which one is your favourite?

The polishes are 5-free, vegan and cruelty-free. Currently, Ms. Sparkle is taking a short break, but they'll be available the 28th!


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