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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Incidental Twin "Queen of Light and Life" + Easter Nail Art

Hi lovelies!!

Time for another pretty from Incidental Twin! Green glitter bomb "Queen of Light and Life" would like to make your acquaintance in her different forms:

This is one coat over Catrice "Hugo Moss" (which is 4 years old and still works, whoohoo!). I sealed it in with SV.  Look at the wonderful mixture of green glitter and holo sparkle!

Now for three coats on its own...

It applied quite well, there's no fishing for glitter and it disperses very well. It's on the sheer side, but makes a great base for stamping...

Therefore I stamped:

I used a leafy design from BP-L047, BPS black stamping polish and sealed it in with matte top coat. 

And last but not least a little tone-on-tone Easter stamping!

Kinda non-traditional, but I figured why not? So I did. I took out BP-60 and my bright green BPS stamping polish and stamped all the bunnies!

If you're a green lover like me, you might wanna check out Sami's shop and social media!

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And I wish you all a happy Easter tomorrow!


  1. I hope you had a wonderful Easter <3 With plenty of chocolate included!

  2. You are right - that is a fantastic shade for stamping over!

  3. You did so much with tis one polish! And with each steaming it looked totally different...very cool!


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