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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ms. Sparkle's Moonlight Flight Collection - pt. 1

Hello lovelies!

Today I present the first part of Ms. Sparkle's new Moonlight Flight collection, which is inspired by "My Neighbour Totoro" - a Hayao Miyazaki classic. It is a wonderfully fun and original collection of shades and I'm so lucky to be the one who gets to swatch them!

I have been working on these swatches a lot (wintertime leaves us with very little daylight, let alone sunlight and my second light box has given up on me already... a new one should be on its way, but it takes a while...) There's been a lot of reswatching, due to shaky hands and the works, which is why this post is so late! But yay, it's here!

Let's start with Totoro himself:

This is a stunner! Totoro is a dark gray holo crelly with a solar gold shift, magic micro flakies, black shreds and silver holo hexes. Talk about grey polish with a twist! It's opaque in two thin coats and dries semi-matte and a bit gritty, so it needs a thick layer of glossy top coat to smooth it out and bring out that shine! I loved wearing this so much and I'm certain I'll be wearing it again. I mean, look at it!

Next up is another one of my favourites in this collection, Susuwatari:

This simple yet original shade consists of a black jelly, white microglitter and scatter holo particles. Exactly like the susuwatari as you see above. It's brilliant. It also looks like falling snow in the night, hence my nail art from last week! This polish is opaque in two easy coats. It dries semi-matte, so top coat is required to bring out that sparkle! 

Then there's Tatsuo, the dad in the story:

Tatsuo is a warm red jelly with a bit of unicorn pigments and holo, iridescent microglitters (blue/green), teal iridescent glitters and baby blue holo micro shreds. It's more than just a red... it's a party! Tatsuo applies easily and is opaque in two to three coats, depending on your nail length. I added glossy top coat for the wonderful sparkle.

I also did a wee bit of stamping, using M Polish "Snowberry" and BP-X17.

Since straight stamping is still not my forte, let's move on to Kanta!

Kanta is a wonderfully fun pale white crelly with different (holo) shape and sizes glitter in (navy) blue, gold, brown and caramel. It is opaque in 2-3 coats and applies easily. Hardly any fishing is needed to get out those stars, but of course it is very very hungry, so I recommend Nail Pattern Boldness "Glitter Food" to smooth it all out. I topped it off with SV for the glossy version here...

... and since crelly, it needs matte, so I added Essence "Matt to meet you":

I already used it on one of my friends' nails and she wore it for 5 days!

Another gorgeous crelly is Satsuki:

Satsuki is a dark black-leaning-brown crelly with a copper shift, crystal chameleon flakes in gold, chartreuse and tangerine shreds and chameleon gold glitters. Very complicated yet classy and festive! Opaque in two thin coats, the larger shreds do need some glitter food and a glossy top coat to really bring out the magic.

And since crelly, of course matte:

Isn't that a magic show?! O and yes, I had to reswatch for the glossy pics; despite having taken a hundred photos, low light and shaky hands had messed up every single one of my glossy pictures. Hence the difference in shred distribution in the matte and glossy versions.

Last (for today), but definitely not least, is Granny!

This sparklefest is a mix of ultramarine violet and purple based jelly, silver and violet holo glitters and violet holo micro shreds. It levels out in two-three thin coats and dries semi-matte and gritty, so glitter food and glossy top coat are a must if you want that shine! 

I felt a little Christmas stamping was in order, so I took BPS white and BP-185 for a little decorating.

The collection is now available for pre-order in Simone's Etsy and I recommend you grab some while you can. And of course stay tuned for part two of this swatch fest!


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