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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Friends on Friday - Holiday Fun!

Hello lovelies!

Happy New Year! My new year's resolution is getting my blogging mojo back, so I'm starting with a Friends on Friday issue, since I love doing other people's nails so much!

During the holidays I brought my nail art supplies to my family and did my sister's and my friend's nails. I had brought all my cute holiday stamping plates, but had forgotten my stamper. I looked everywhere for a spare, but no such luck. So I had to get creative the old fashioned way! 

I started out with something I had had in mind with Ms. Sparkle's new gorgeous polish "Yasuko" (swatches are on their way).

I sponged it on over just the basecoat, creating a frozen-like gradient. To enhance that frozen effect, I painted on some snowflakes with a detail brush. I sealed it in with SV.

My sister wanted something simple and fancy-looking, with some of Ms. Sparkle's "Susuwatari" and some red. I started with "Susuwatari", two coats with top coat. Then I used tape for the red wedges and painted on the silver with a detail brush (both BPS stamping polishes).

The irregularity of the nails made it extra hard for me to get the wedges straight, something I'm already not good at, lol!

That's it! I also did one of my other sisters' nails, but forgot to take pictures.. it was Ms. Sparkle "Tatsuo" with snowflakes and Christmas tree accent nails.. Oh well!

Did you do any of your loved ones' nails for the holidays?


  1. You're so talented, I've never done anyone else's nails before x

  2. I especially love what you did on your sister's nails! I wish I had someone around here who I could share this hobby with.

  3. 😱😱 I love the snowflake mani!! It’s stunning

  4. So fun!!! And - seeing this after our FB chat, makes me very jealous. But in a good way. ;) Love the snowflake mani tons - that polish is gorgeous as are your snowflakes too.

  5. Can I be a distant cousin? These manis are gorgeous and perfect for the season.


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