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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ms. Sparkle "Girls Wanna Have Fun" - Retro Rewind Crelly Crate

Hi lovelies!

Two facebook groups have come together and organised a limited edition nail polish box: Crazy 4 Crellies and Retro Rewind Lounge. This resulted in a wonderful collection dedicated to gone-by eras. Parrot Polish, Dollish Polish, Polish ‘M, Ms. Sparkle and Supernatural Lacquer all took a decade and went nuts and I have Ms. Sparkle's creation today!

"Girls Wanna Have Fun" is inspired by one of the most iconic hits of the 80's and the eccentric artist who performed it - Cyndi Lauper (or, to be entirely accurate, her hair!)

It is a crelly shifting from red to yellow, with various sized glitters, aurora pigment, red holo micro flakies and ucc flakies shifting between red/orange/yellow ).

...and it's a thermal! Have a look at the transition:

This magical fun polish is opaque in 2-3 coats. It dries fast and NPB glitter food is required to smooth out the coarse glitter. The thermal pigment in the polish is very reactive, you can see it change while applying, assuming your hands are warm. 

When warm this polish turns a bright, almost neon yellow. This state of the polish reminds me of one of my first indies - Princess Consuela Banana Hammock - and it is good :) 

Of course we need it matte as well:

Cool, isn't it?

The box releases March 1st through the 9th at and will ship out after March 23. These box-exclusive polishes will be $40 plus shipping. For more info check: 

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