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Monday, March 5, 2018

Incidental Twin "Arkenstone"

Hello lovelies!

How about some "The Hobbit"-inspired nail polish? This is Incidental Twin "Arkenstone":

The Arkenstone:
This gorgeous polish shimmers blue and pink and silver at the same time. Shown here are two thin coats over blue. The photo's were taken in a light box; IRL it shimmers and sparkles even more... Application is easy and not much product is needed for this spectacular effect!
I was also curious as to what it would look like matte:

And of course with nail art! So I got my "Make Your Mark 01" plate from Lina's Nail Art Supplies and BPS baby blue stamping polish and stamped the dotted lines onto my nails. I felt whimsical, so I added a few owls as well, by creating decals with BP-X14. I sealed it all in with glossy top coat.

I'm loving the magical background that "Arkenstone" creates for this whimsical nail art!
Arkenstone is available in Incidental Twin's temporary store and not listed yet, therefore you can request it HERE and Sami will then mix you up some goodness!



  1. Is this a topper or a polish?

  2. Oh wow! That is gorgeous! Look at how much it sparkles!

  3. I love this topper and your nail art over it is spectacular!

  4. WOW! That topper is insane!! Your nail art is really cute too :P


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