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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rimmel Space Dust "Total Ecllipse"

Hello there!

I've already showed you 4 gorgeous polishes from Rimmel's Space Dust Collection: Luna Love, Shooting Star, Aurora & Moon Walking. Now the time has come to end the series, and what better way than with a total eclipse: 

Total Eclipse is a pine-coloured texture consisting of microglitters, like Luna Love. They sparkle green and silver and sometimes even bright fuchsia, when under certain light! The pine colour is just perfect for Xmas, and of course it goes really well with all the pine-coloured clothes that one can find in all stores everywhere! So even though dark green texture might sound like a mighty daring choice to some, it really fits well in today's fashion, so there's no harm in trying. It applies easily, dries fast and is opaque in two coats. 

When I walked into my local drugstore today, the saleslady asked me what I had on my nails! I showed her (didn't even have to walk to the make-up section; still had it in my purse from taking the pictures earlier, when I was on the train). So I told her about the blog and she is now a follower! So sweet! <3

The final conclusion of this series of textures by Rimmel is: Awesome. Yes, capital 'A'. For something that is not an indie, but a regular drugstore polish, this just is really good.


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