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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Swatch-It Sunday: Emily De Molly "Cosmic Forces"

Hello lovelies!

Today, I have a pretty for you that had been on my wish list for AGES: Cosmic Forces by Emily de Molly. My sister went to Australia and I was able to order it and send it to an address where she was going to be staying for a while. The lovely Hayley from Emily de Molly was an important part in this whole operation; she sent out the polishes at exactly the right time for my sister to be able to receive them. Therefore I can attest the customer service is excellent :D Now onto the pretty!

Application is good. This is three thin coats with one coat of SV. A little fishing is required to get out the large circles, but that is to be expected and it wasn't a pain at all.

And because 1 macro is just not enough:

DROOL! It is purple. With glitter. And Big Holo Circles. Like flying through the Cosmos, encountering all kinds of heavenly bodies on the way... Yes it is dreamy as hell. Such depth, such splendor... Not to mention the warm and enticing plum jelly, that has just the right opacity to bring out all the glitters and still provide full coverage in three thin coats. @_@ MORE PHOTOS!

Yes. I was right to put this at the top of my wish list. Thank you Hayley for facilitating my acquisition of the pretty. Thank you my Sister, for bringing them safely to their new home. I'm going stare at my nails a bit more now, bye bye!

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