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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Celestial Cosmetics "Opie"

Hello lovelies!

Today the second of the prizes I won in Ladybird Lacquer's Celestial Cosmetics giveaway! Yesterday I showed you an in-your-face green holo. Today we have a silver holo called Opie, magnificent in its simplicity:
This is three coats plus top coat. At the end of the day the Sun finally shone, so I got to take some quick pics! It's so pretty <3

This is what it looks like in plain daylight, it is like a super white silver. But then with sunlight, or certain artificial light...


  1. OMG So pretty! I like how it looks like a normal silver metallic in the shade, but then kind of like a dark grey holo in the sun. @_@


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