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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Twinsie Thursday - Nimbus Nails

Hello Lacquer Lovers!

Today Lothwen and I did nimbus twin nails, inspired by The Nailasaurus! This is a super fun look and I plan to try it in many colors for the perfect summer mani!

For this look I used a few different polishes- China Glaze Charmed, I'm Sure, Zoya Sailor, Zoya Ling, Sinful Colors Sugar Rush, and Color Club 131003. I started off with a white base. Then, I applied each polish, in the above order, after thinning them with acetone and applying them on a cotton swab/q-tip. 

I would highly recommend this nail art look to a novice or an old pro, as it is much different than normal manis!

Make sure to hop on over to my blog to see Lothwen's take on nimbus nails (and let me tell you, they are awesome). We will be back in July for Twinsie Thursday, as my nail art bestie is going on vacation! I'll be back soon, as I plan on doing a few guest posts for her!

Samantha I LOVE IT! And it's so awesome, our nails have never looked more alike! I like that :D Other sides of the world, almost identical nails :D 


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