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Monday, September 8, 2014

Loaded Lacquer "Disarmed and Dangerous!"

Hello lovelies!

I have a very special polish to show you, that mainly consists of shredded glitters! I have gotten to like shreds a lot and this polish just nailed the whole shredding thing. It's Loaded Lacquer "Disarmed and Dangerous" and it is just that, disarming and dangerously attractive...

This is one coat over black. The lighting was not quite working the day I wore it, so I swatched it again when sunlight had returned to my little country :)

This time, the ring fingernail is 3 coats of D&D alone. Impressive, huh?! This polish is a concoction of shredded metallic purple, rose and chartreuse glitter, holographic micro black glitter and lavender micro flakies. It's unlike anything I've ever seen before. 

What do you think? Do you own anything like this pretty?


  1. oh my gosh I am in LOVE!!!! Your macros are phenomenal!

    1. Thank you ^_^ That's such a compliment!
      I'm blushing ^_^

  2. Wow that is seriously stunning! I need this in my life!!!

  3. Ooh I love Loaded Lacquer and that one looks great!

  4. LOVE! I like how this glitter's look completely changes when put over different colors!

  5. Oh wow, this is so pretty! I'm not really into shredded glitters, but this one is great.

  6. That is such a cool and unique polish! It is definitely a party!

  7. This is such a pretty polish!! Loaded Lacquer is awesome!!

  8. Wow... that's a power-packed glitter!

  9. That is GORGEOUS!! I love shredded glitter! ^_^


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