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Monday, September 22, 2014

Ms. Sparkle "Yes, I Do!" Collection - swatches & review

Hello lovelies!

Sorry for having been MIA for a while, I took a bit of an hiatus, because I was busy with god knows what not ;) To make it up to you, I present you a limited edition by Ms. Sparkle, that started out as a custom order and turned into a collection. It is the "Yes, I Do!" LE, that is all about, oh yes, weddings! Right up my alley this year, as I have (had) 3 weddings this summer, the last of which will be this Friday and all of which I am (have been) the designated nail stylist (whoohooooo!). See here for example.

The collection is inspired by the poem for brides, with instructions to what they should wear for good luck:

Something old, 
Something new, 
Something borrowed, 
Something blue, 
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

So let's start with Something Old and work our way through the rhyme:

How pretty! This white with golden shimmer and golden flakies is opaque-ish in 2 coats and gives your nails a classy antique-y look. Formula is divine. Love!
Something New...

This clean pearly white applies divine as well and gives your nails a pristine look. Perfect for a bridal manicure! This is also just two coats. Impressed!

Something borrowed... that should come from a woman with many children, to ensure fertility!
This mint green shimmer has golden micro glitters and pale pink circles. Upon request, it is available without the pink glitters and looks like this:
So whether or not big glitters tickle your fancy, this pretty is a must-have! Two easy coats that go on easily, so pretty!
Something Blue...?
Hell yes! Something blue is white when warm, with iridescent flakies, so pretty! This is 2 coats over white. Now look at what it does in the cold, with an accent nail of "And A Sixpence In Her Shoe" and some pretty pretty bows:

Now let me show you even better:

OH YEAH! My first thermal, babies! <3

OK more "And A Sixpence In Her Shoe", which is more of a topper (the accent nail is 4 coats). So what do we do with glitter toppers? 

I KNOW! This mani screams wedding, doesn't it?! I love it so much, I'm screaming in my head while typing this :P

Yes! It's silvery and shreddy and micro and wonderful. I have never seen anything like it! 

The collection will be launched tomorrow, so start shopping now!

*These items were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I really like something blue & that last glitter topper! The other shades are not really to my taste, but I'm sure others will love them! :)

  2. Something Blue is freaking amazing! You did an awesome job capturing the variances in color! Such a cute idea for a collection!

  3. I want something blue! Beautiful swatches!

  4. I'm loving And A Sixpence In Her Shoe and Something Blue!

  5. Something Blue is really pretty! I like the iridescence!

  6. I like the thermal and what you did with the topper! The rest is too frosty for my liking.

  7. What a nice collection!! And a Sixpence in her Shoe has to be my favorite!! So pretty!!

  8. The finishes of these polishes aren't really my cup of tea but you took beautiful photos of them! I like the last mani with the glitter gradient :)

  9. I love Something Blue and And a Sixpence in Her Shoe!

  10. I really like the golden ones, I would have added extra flakies to it but love it anyway! Your nail arts are both lovely, too, something I'd definitely sport myself!

  11. Something old and Something Blue are my favorites - how very very clean and pretty!

  12. What a fun collection! Like you I have had 3 wedding this summer with the 3rd one being this Saturday.

  13. Ohhh Something Blue is stunning!

  14. these are so pretty, I love the color changing polish!


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