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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ms. Sparkle Winter Collection pt. 1

Hello lovelies!

Today I have 3 pretties from Ms. Sparkle's Winter collection to show you here:

Awww yesssss, we have jellies and crellies and holos and big circles and triangles and shreds! This collection's got it all baby! Now let's take a closer look at Sugar Plum, a purple scattered holo:

This pretty is opaque in two coats. It's on the thick side, therefore it only needs two coats! And it dries super fast, so I'd say: perfect application. 

Look at those sparkle, isn't it marvellous!?!
Next up is Cranberry Sauce, a hot pink jelly loaded with circles, squares, hexes and holo in silver, black, red... Super yummy!
Wow, right?! This is three thin coats with two coats of top coat... this is a hungry glitter, you see! Minimal fishing required and only the big circles need placement.
Last up is Frozen, inspired by Elsa's dress and spot on, if you ask me! This crelly is super frosty, full of blue shreds and triangles, silver circles and holographic little glitters:
Pretty, isn't it?! This is three thin coats and two coats of top coat. This is also quite a hungry fella! Only the circles tend to slip off your brush, but otherwise no issues!

Which of these is your favourite? The Winter collection will go on sale soon in Ms. Sparkle's etsy,
keep an eye out on her social media!


  1. Wow! What a collection! Sugar Plum is a stunner!

  2. Be still my heart, Sugar Plum is super gorgeous!

  3. Mixed feeling on Cranberry. I kind of like it and it confuses? me at the same time. Confuses me might not be the right words exactly but that's the closest I can come to putting it into words. Great swatches!

  4. Sugar Plum is the winner for me! Very pretty :)

  5. I love Sugar Plum! So shiny and...purple. I just love purple!

  6. Sugar Plum is my favorite of the three. The other two look fun, but a little too busy for me.

  7. My heart stopped at the holo pics! I love the multicolored sparkle!

  8. Sugar Plum is gorgeous!! Great swatches too! (:

  9. Sugar Plum...jawdropping! Wat een beauty! Cranberry Sauce vind ik ook leuk!

  10. Sugar Plum is gorgeous and yes, Frozen is very spot on!

  11. Sugar Plum looks nice. Pretty swatches!

  12. Sugar Plum has to be my favorite! It is gorgeous!


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