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Monday, November 17, 2014

Incidental Twin "Rosette Nebula"

Hello lovelies!

Another pretty from Incidental Twin Nail Polish today! I already showed you "Full Moon on Friday" and "Blurry Demon", and today I have the last one for you: "Rosette Nebula", named after one of the most beautiful celestial objects within our Milky Way - a nebula around a cluster of stars that have formed within it. I tried recreating it on my accent nail...

This is three coats of Rosette Nebula with top coat. Application is flawless and the result is amazing! This red jelly is chock-full of flakies and shimmers the socks off you! And the colour is exactly as enticing as the nebula... it is perfect!

Thank you Sami, for letting me swatch your babies, I really enjoyed it! People, you probably know where to find Incidental Twin pretties by now, but just in case:

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