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Sunday, October 11, 2015

More Wedding Pics!

Hello lovelies!

Remember my friend, who got married, whose nails I did? She sent me two wonderful photos that were taken by their photographer Tiemen Eskes. Rather than adding them to the previous post, I felt they deserved their own post. Now although the pictures are not mine, I still added my watermarks, because you know, sometimes people steal and the work displayed is still mine ;) But I gotta say, it pained me to alter these beautiful photos a lot...

I love how beautifully the photographer captured this. I wish I had a photographer like this take pics of my nails every day! 


  1. Aww these are absolutely beautiful! The nails look great!

  2. Those photos are amazing, and so are the nails.

  3. What a beautiful mani and I love these shots!

  4. What a perfect wedding manicure!! They look fabulous!


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