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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Incidental Twin "Not His Date" + foliage nail art

Hello lovelies!

Look at this beautiful fall colour from Incidental Twin!

 It is inspired by Sherlock's Watson and called "Not His Date". 

Gaaaaahh!!! Samantha, the maker, describes it as follows: A super-dependable sturdy-as-a-brick red with a little unexpected fire, a little sauciness, and a whole lot of warmth. And warmth it has, look at the macro! 

This beauty seems quite sheer, but builds up nicely in three thin coats. It dries very fast, so that's absolutely no problem.

Of course such a beauty calls for some autumn nail art and lately I've just been in love with foliage designs, so here we go!

John likes it. So do I, even though I had imagined it differently, because the orange stamping - what orange stamping? Exactly. I stamped with orange first (Konad Orange Pearl), but it hardly shows. 

Yes, that infuriated me too. The orange does give some extra dimension to the whole thing, so all in all it's alright, I guess, but I'm going to try out this polish over black soon, hoping it works. Then I stamped with gold (Konad) and thankfully that is very well visible. I used my new squishy stamper from BPS and it worked very well again. Oh and I almost forget; the stamping plate is BP-29. Topped it all off with SV and I was good to go!

My conclusion of "Not His Date":

You can find it here!


  1. Such a gorgeous brown and your stamping is perfect!!

  2. I love these brick Browns this fall! Along with every metal color, I have to buy every brick-brown shade I come across, too! Beautiful!!

  3. Once again, you make my polish look so great! Thank you!

  4. That is very pretty and I love your finished mani!

  5. Perfect Fall shade and I love the stamping!

  6. The perfect color as the base for this mani. A great shade of brown!

  7. Perfect color, perfect stamping, perfect everything!

  8. This is the perfect base for the autumn nail art! Love!

  9. I love brown shimmers but your stamping makes it even better!

  10. Oh that is a great color! I love the nail art that you did!


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