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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Incidental Twin "We are Borg"

Hello lovelies!

More Incidental Twin love today with a Star Trek based nail polish! This is "We Are Borg":

Now I should have taken shadow pics as well, because as beautiful as this polish seems on the pics, it is far more magical IRL. Not only is it filled with two sizes of holo glitters, it is also doused in a green shimmer that will knock your pants off! You can kinda see it in the macro:

This is three thin coats of easily applicable magic liquid with one coat of SV.  I loved wearing this, totally saved me from falling asleep at work after Daylight Saving Time was installed again last weekend! It is so unique, I kept staring at it in awe.

What do you think? I think you should just cave an buy this.

Find all IT polishes I reviewed here! I also recommend you check out Incidental Twin's shop and social media! And if you want to go straight to We Are Borg, you'll find it here!


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