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Friday, April 1, 2016

Ms. Sparkle April Duo

Hi lovelies!

It's the first of April and you know what that means; no, no joke, it's time for a new monthly birthstone/star sign duo from Ms. Sparkle! The stone of the month is Diamond. The star sign of (most of) the month is Aries. So let's get to it!

Diamond is not just any diamond; it's a rare yellow specimen! A bright and sunny yellow jelly (say that 10 times ;) ) filled with gold flakes, iridescent glitter and tons of holo! This is three easy coats with top coat.

Next up is a Aries, which is associated with the element fire:

Well now this clearly is FIRE! This tomato red jelly is full of ucc flakies which are mostly gold, but have sparks of every other colour imaginable as well. Gahhhhh!
This is two coats with top coat!

OMG, right? Now watch it matte:

I tried combining them into one manicure, but I'm not sure how I feel. I'll post it anyways! Just some dotting.

If you love these as much as I do, get going to Ms. Sparkle's web shop now! All her nail polishes are 5-free and vegan. And since she has new collections coming out quite regularly, go follow her on social media!



  1. Those flakies! I think they're even more amazing matte!

  2. These are both totally unique and I love them!

  3. Incredible colors. I love the matte finish! The nail art is perfect for spring.

  4. Ouuu those flakies in Aries are so pretty! And I adore your nail art, so cute!

  5. I think I said as much on instagram, but I really love that shade of yellow. I think it's the favourite I have ever seen before and I sort of am going to invest in buying it.


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